Athletic Records Revamp

Record Group-Subgroup-Series


A very small part of the 22 boxes of Swim and Dive records recently brought over to the Archives.

One task on my endless “to-do” list has been to overhaul the athletic records (Record Group 11) to make it more scaleable. The previous archivist had only included those sports for which we have records (completely understandable). With a recent influx of records (and hoping for more), I decided to add more series to these subgroups:

  • RG 11.05 Varsity Sports
  • RG 11.06 Junior Varsity Sports
  • RG 11.07 Middle School (Junior High) Sports

I am also changing RG 11.07 from Junior High Sports to Middle School Sports because of a division name change, but will leave in Junior High in the title, as that reflects the name for another time period.

After I enter these series into our catalog, then I can more properly assign the correct series as records make their way to the Archives. In some cases, I will not yet have the records, but will have a place for them as they arrive. I will also have volunteers help me determine when some of these sports began to add to the information about the sport.

The question had been if each sport would be its own Record Group, with subgroups of Varsity, Junior Varsity, or Middle School within it, or if we should have the overall Varsity, Junior Varsity, or Middle School with the individual sports within those. Either one could be used by your school, and depends on how many sports you have, how the school identifies and references the sport, or how easy it will be to add new sports to the list.

The previous archivist had started with Varsity, JV, and MS, so I am leaving that structure in place, with the addition of the individual sports. Researchers may have to review three different record groups to gather all the information needed about a total sport, but here, most researchers are only interested in a sport at a specific level.

Subject Headings

In your catalog, you will also want to use standardized subject headings from the Library of Congress ( to help the researcher. If you have to create your own local headings, try to have them mirror the LCSH when possible. For example, “Winter sports” is a standardized LC subject heading, but not “Fall sports” or “Spring sports.” So I will be using those as local subject headings.

Most sports have their own LCSH, and there are some more specific ones you can use (such as “Lacrosse for girls”) if you would like to get down to that level. I decided to leave it at the general level (“Lacrosse”) as the headings for the series will have the gender included (“Lacrosse-Girls Varsity”).

I’m curious about how other K-12 schools are organizing their sports records, and would be interested in hearing your stories. I hope this will be helpful for those who are still working on organizing their archives. Here is a link to the PDF of the revamp: WestminsterSchoolsArchives-RG11-Athletics-TeamRGRevamp


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