Archives Month 2015


Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signs the 2015 Georgia Archives Month proclamation on October 7, 2015.

By now we are well underway with American Archives Month and Georgia Archives Month. Georgia’s theme this year is “Snapshots from the South” and symbolizes the memories of friendship and community documented in archival collections throughout the state.


2015 Georgia Archives Month Poster

During the 2015 Society of American Archivists’ conference in Cleveland, this wonderful video on “Archives Changes Lives” was premiered, and is great to share with your community:

For K-12 schools, here are a couple of specific handouts that include a plethora of ideas that you might be able to incorporate in your outreach during this time (or any time!)

  • What Is An Archives? (Society of American Archivists)
    Make this document available to young people who visit your repository. Or take it with you to distribute to students on your next career day visit.
  • Archives and Young People (Society of American Archivists)
    Tailor the “good word” about archives to a younger generation. They’re current and future users of archives, influencers of our culture, and they may even be future archivists.



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