2013 American Archives Month: The Power of Collaboration


October is American Archives Month. This is a great time to celebrate and advocate for the work that you do in preserving your school’s history. Originally created in Ohio as a regional event, it has blossomed out all over the United States and is recognized every fall. The Society of American Archivists has created advocacy kits and ways to help you publicize events and educate your community about the importance of archives.

Working with the school’s library, the Development Office, or the Alumni Office, as well as the school’s Communications Department, you can design events and exhibits that would best work with your community. There are event planning guides, sample press releases, and even sample metrics on how to measure the impact of the school’s archives.

gam poster 2013

2013 Georgia Archives Month Poster: “Current Events: Future History”

For school archivists, some of the publications that can help are:

A note from the Society of American Archivists: Share your American Archives Month activities. Send a note about what you did to participate to saahq@archivists.org. Click here to visit the website of the Council of State Archivists and check out what others did.


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