Regional Meetings

NEA-fall2013-symposium-thumb-250x303-494Chances are, no matter where your school is located, there is a regional archives group in your area. A full listing of groups can be found on the Society of American Archivists’ website. While the SAA meetings might be out of reach, either financially or otherwise, a regional archives meeting might fit in your schedule (and budget). Here are some upcoming meetings:

Just a few to plan for in 2014–there are many more going on all over the United States:

Getting involved locally is a good idea for any professional, and especially for those just starting out in archives. Take a look at the websites of the group in your area, as well as the others. Many have resources available, such as the “Forms Forum” on the Society of Georgia Archivists’ site, or the “Preserving Your History” brochures created (in English, Spanish, and Chinese) by the Society of California Archivists.

And don’t forget–October is American Archives Month! (Look for the post to be published this Monday!)


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